Wow! What an incredible read. Bill has managed to bring to life the stories of L.S. Chadwick – ‘The Chadwick Ram’ and A.J. Stone – The Great River & the Black Sheep.’ He made us feel like we were right on the adventure with them. The photo sections are remarkable and entertaining.”
I was finally able to get a digital copy of this new book, Dream Rams of BC, and I spent half the night up with it. Wow. It is even more than I had imagined. Congratulations to Bill Pastorek for telling a story that needed telling. In the Chadwick story I love the format of writing in the first person; it’s like the reader is right there listening to the storyteller. That Chadwick ram story is awesome and I know that every reader will spend many hours curled up with this book.”
In the last year, as the various chapters started to come my way for proof reading, I realized that this was shaping up to be THE sheep hunters collector book. A book like no other. I had never seen an author novelizing the story of what is certainly the Holy Grail of all sheep hunts, the hunt for the Chadwick Ram. Having now seen and hunted much of that same territory, I was easily transported back the 80 plus years since that famous expedition.”

This is a book that gets Three Readings, if not more. I raced through it the first time, like a ravenous hunter just off the mountain, tearing into a plate of fresh backstrap. I skimmed and looked for names and ogled the pictures and wondered at the new ones I had never seen, and I nearly drove off the road as I burned the truck for home. (shame for my distracted driving) Then I settled in for more and picked and gobbled up the prose. And it was wonderful. I mentally tabbed the names and places I knew and loved. I wondered at the places and names I did not know.

The Second Reading took more time. I settled in and let my mind work. I parsed the places and names and checked the road atlas. I dissected and doodled a list. I marked down little maps and areas. I used the book to create a spreadsheet of places to consider. I looked at those pictures and put on the magnifying glass. I had a new learning tool. The book is full of facts and figures and data and clues to the great mystery as the title belies – where can I find my own Dream Rams?

My third reading is just starting. I am settling in like a hunter that finds an old sheep bed up in the rocks. I have a pack for a pillow leaning up against a big old rock. Spread out in front of me is a broad long valley. It is mantled in snow at the tops, looking like a set of dentures dropped on the carpet, and fingers of timber stretch up into folds in the gumlines. Across the bottom you can see beaver dams and a small stream, gathering forces from springs and freshets draining the slopes and side valleys. This bottom is a nest of willow and shintangle and will be a problem to cross, not to mention exciting, because a sow grizzly and cub have been traveling down there. Somewhere on a green strip just across from the shining yellow cliff shaped like a heart, is a white speck moving and then another, and they must be rams. Will they be the rams of my dreams?

Bill Pastorek has written a book for the ages, capturing the past in British Columbia, from the halcyon days to present. This book portends the future, a future with the rams of our Dreams. It is a must read.”

Bill Pastorek’s book “Dream Rams of British Columbia” is a book like no other. The attention to detail, depth of information, pages of unbelievable photographs alone, and the captivating stories are a must for any mountain hunting enthusiast. Bill’s book should earn a place on the book shelf of any sheep hunter that has set foot in the mountains, or aspires to. Never have I come across such a comprehensive, captivating and interesting book on sheep hunting. I have asked Bill to put my name down for one of the few Conservation Editions and can not wait to purchase a copy when they are available. The Conservation Edition is not just a book, it will be an important addition to my trophy room – a symbol of all things wild sheep. Something near and dear to my heart.

I think this may be the best sheep book ever written. Well done!”